Race Report: SRCC Club Day. 28th May 2017

It rained overnight in Southport this weekend, leaving a wet track on Sunday morning. Green Ballistics or Silver Darts were the preferred rears for the first few rounds with yellow cut staggers on the front as the greens were giving a bit much front causing the car to over rotate.
It’s was a club day with only 29 racers taking part which meant plenty of track time and the opportunity to refine set ups. There was no rain on race day and the track dried out over the day. The track temperature at noon was 25.6 degrees Celsius and the track was mainly dry by the fourth round. These are my least favourite conditions as the grip comes up quickly and very high when the rain has washed away any dust.


The Track
Sunday’s track used the full 55m straight with a 130 degree right hander at the end. Due to the low grip conditions it was easy to get the car out of shape. The quicker drivers managed to scrub speed in a straight line while us mortals were sideways and backwards. There was a quick blast from the end of the straight up to the table-top then tight left then a right. you could now get the power on for an open right-right and down then on the brakes for a left hand hairpin. If you stay tight on the exit and stay left,  you could give it full beans on the straight run up to the infamous back section. Coming off the back, there was an off camber right followed by a technical left-right and then back around and left onto the table top. On landing, you could get the power on and keep it on left and upto the ‘cobbles’. The exit of the cobbles remained slippy all day. That led onto a short downhill sprint then brake hard and left onto the the last right hander and back onto the straight.

Lee Chorley and Aidan (with the jaunty hat on)

Aidans Day Round by Round

No practise for me I was helping set up race control, for Eric. (If it’s not perfect he beats me!)

YZ2 CA (Lee Martin’s RHR setup from Petitrc) Team Orion HMX ESC & Team Orion VST 2 Motor 7.5 Orion 5000 110c Lipo All from Number 5 rc.

1st Round Schumacher green cut staggers front Silver darts rears I forgot to take all the boost/turbo off so it was a bit quick, and the greens on the front were a bit too much. Solid round I finished 3rd behind Gavin Crolla and Derek McClarney in my heat.

2nd Round Change: I put cut yellows on the front and kept silver dart rears on. Turned down the Boost & Turbo to 5deg. Not enough steering!! However still a good round. I will now move my Lipo forward to try and get a bit more steering as the track drys.

3rd Round I think my tires died mid-round, 3 runs on silvers and they were very loose. I am not sure what tires I have for the 4th round.

4th Round Change: Yellow mini spike and un-cut fronts. Good round with a great battle with my guru Felix, I got a 9 as it just dried up and the grip went through the roof. The racers still on greens suddenly were shouting ‘grip roll!’

5th Round Change: Proline Pinpoints on the rear (stolen from Guppy/CML) 90% of track was dry, only a few bits still damp (more on that later) On the racing line, it was mega grippy the Prolines gave loads of forward drive. The first few laps were Ace as I was taking it slowly then I wondered what the tires where like at full whack. Proline Pinpoints were up for it and took anything I could throw at them. Except when I was offline and the damp bits, then it got very slippery very quickly. Super happy with the car except for the one mistake that cost me 15s. Completey my own fault I was chasing Felix again.

Final I was 3rd in the B, behind a quite grumpy Paul Rotheram & Felix. Great final with some great close racing with Kev H & Tom P. The ‘cobbles’ at Southport never dried today and they caught me 5 times in the final. I would have been better to go back to Yellow mini spike but I wanted to have more time on the Prolines. Finished 5th I think. Great day and thanks to all.

We then stayed back and discussed a few changes we could make before the Southport National in July.

Evo-‘we can put a roller there’

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