Episode 16 – Tom Yardy – Schumacher + Nathan Ralls – X-Ray

Welcome back for episode 16 of The Big Blue Tent podcast!!

This week Schumacher Racing’s top level RC superstar Tom Yardy drops into the tent for a chat. We find out how he has got on with the Schumacher buggies around the UK National tracks this year. We also get his ideas on set up, tracks, nationals, teams, Schumacher and a whole heap more!

And who better to follow Tom, but X-Ray’s very own Nathan Ralls! We find out how he got on at the Vets EOS race meeting and get his views on many, many more areas of the RC world!

What else….? A fairly tame rant from the hosts and the final standings in the KO Vs Sanwa battle Royale! finish out the podcast this week.


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